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Updates with guest list – First Exeter Business Network event of 2015 – sizzle a sausage, flip a but – plus much more!

December 5, 2014

Exeter Business Network’s first event of 2015 at Sandy Park will show sizzle a sausage, flip a but and volley a balloon……and with a super free resource for all those attending….

And that’s before the networking lunch where you’ll have numerous conversations and develop connections that will help you grow and build your network.  A network that will deliver knowledge, support, business opportunities and more.

The event is on 7/1/15 at Sandy PArk, the first BNSW event there since the Rugby World Cup redevelopment that took place during the summer of 2014.  The seminar before lunch being hosted by Scott Hunter – Cafe Style Speed Training

Now all businesses can experience the highest quality staff development as corporate companies! Join us for this 70 minutes dynamic Café Style Sales Development Boot Camp and leave with a greater aware of sales language and skills that support sales in the new economy. As a bonus and a thank you for attending the seminar, you’ll get 6 months free access to the Café Style Culture Club when it launches in January.

“A whole range of different learning activities – all of which had a “fun” element, working in groups, pairs led to discussions, solutions and ideas covering everything from leadership to organisational language to creative thinking to change/transformation to customer experience. Scott delivered this new, it was to me anyway, style of learning in a professional, fun and inclusive way” Sean Humby

Discover how to:

  • Sizzle a sausage
  • Flip a but
  • Find a hot spot
  • Volley a balloon

Wondering how this can impact on a business?

“Café Style has been so transformational that we are now embedding it further and taking it to the next level,………… Our performance has risen, our sickness levels are better than ever and we have a genuine buzz about the place, we have a new language, which is all down to Café Style” UK Police Force

Piqued your interest, come along to this engaging, innovative and thought provoking event.

Coffee and networking from 10am and seminar starts at 10.30am (optional,always rewarding, included in the price and a great networking opportunity!)

Among those booked

7thjanpic1 7thjanpic2


After the seminar you have the opportunity to experience THE networking lunch – a proven format that has grown in pedigree since the first one back in 1993.

  1. Networking over drinks 11.45am – 12.30pm
  2. Structured networking lunch 12.30pm – 2pm tables hosted, seating plan designed, event programme full of great opportunities and offers,  delegate list provided, dietary requirements catered for
  3. Guaranteed crumb free keyboard working lunch
  4. Guaranteed conversations leading to connections and collaborations
  5. Guaranteed you’ll leave be better informed and connected than when you arrived!
  6. A justifiable business expense – part of your marketing plan


What do you gain from attending this event?

At each event you will have the opportunity to meet numerous other senior decision makers from locally based businesses in a relaxed and focused environment. Through networking over coffee before the seminar, knowledge from the seminar and structured networking before and during the lunch. It is a proven way and sustainable way of continuing to develop opportunities.

What’s THE networking lunch all about?

Networking over drinks, a sit down served 2 course lunch, dietary requirements catered for, a table host to conduct proceedings, conversations leading to connections and collaborations. Event programme with delegate details provided to enable you to connect with others in the room.   You sit on a table with no-one who does what you do (as defined by wat your business does)

How long will all this take?

Seminar starts at 10.30am – with coffee and networking from 10am, finishing at 11.45am.  Seminar optional, always rewarding, included in price and a great knowledge networking opportunity
THE networking lunch starts with drinks and informal networking at 11.45am, you sit down for your served 2 course lunch (a guaranteed crumb free keyboard!) and runs until 2pm.  

What people go to the events?

People just like you! People who want their businesses to succeed through knowledge, connections and strong business relationships generating an ROI for their business



Free resources that I trust you will find useful

Getting the most from the events

What is business networking and is it important?

What others are saying or look on Twitter, look up @seanhumby or search #BNSW

Will I get a return?

Networking in a nutshell

Networking Nation – BBC Radio 4 series on networking – 15 minute programmes by Julia Hobsbawn.  Available until Oct 2015

Cost of event is £36.00 (Inc VAT) covering seminar, coffee, 2 course served lunch with drinks, event programme with delegate list, networking tips, event correspondence.  Car parking is plentiful – there is a charge of £2 for up to 4 hours (can be paid using Ring go)

“Take time to deliberate;  but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.” – Napoleon Bonaparte




To book your place

Call 01981 540708



with “book my place” and I will arrange everything – how to prepare, confirmation, any dietary requirements and your invoice


Prefer an invitation then complete your details here



Gallery for the event





An introduction from your host


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