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A Grand Grand and a Fantastic Festive Spirit at Exeter Business Network’s December event

December 11, 2014

More on the grand, grand later – nothing like a teaser in the headline!

At Exeter Golf and Country Club on Wednesday 10th December the Exeter Business Network event proved successful in many ways…….

Beginning with a seminar titled “Mediation Live” hosted by the team at Compass Resolution who did some fabulous role play to demonstrate the various stages involved in mediation – each stage was based on a real life scenario that had occurred in many different businesses – involving different characters who were experiencing different issues.  John Hind (Founder of Compass Resolution) was the mediator in each scenario and Bob Prior was the narrator setting the scene.  Helen Shea and Pippa Basset played the various roles.  The scenarios included mediation between 2 employees of the same company where there was behaviour from one person that had upset another: a situation where 2 businesses had come to disagreement over technical issues that resulted in an unexpected and very large invoice and a high conflict scenario.  Each situation demonstrated how properly prepared mediation can be used to resolve a whole range of issues and that there is always a sign posting to ongoing support once the mediation aspect is complete.  Key are the way in which each session is set up, what the participants are there for, the expertise of the mediator in questioning and being equitable for both parties, even the mediator knowing when to speak and when not to, the importance of listening effectively, working to avoid disengagement and capturing what was agreed and acknowledging the way forward – and all of this is confidential (unless of course the issue could be a criminal or health and safety issue.  With the average cost of replacing a team member being 1.5x their salary then mediating to resolve issues must be the best way forward not only financially but also to demonstrate that people, the relationship and trust are key components to a successful business.

THE networking lunch opened with two quotes that capture the essence of networking or should I say what happens when people have conversations!

“Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to the other “What you too” and I thought I was the only one” C.S Lewis

“Friendship is one of the most tangible things in the world that offers fewer and fewer supports” Kenneth Branagh b 10/12/1960

Those at the lunch sat at their hosted tables and enjoyed a traditional Christmas lunch complete with crackers!  As well as talking about what their business/organisation did and the benefits it brings to others everyone contributed one other thing…. the one piece of music, track, song, record (showing my age!) that they would take to a desert island and why (for those familiar with Desert Island Discs you’ll know that it is a selection of 8 and then this is narrowed to just one!).  A simple question like this really does help in getting to know more about the people you are sat with – in many instances causing people to really think – which is great!  On my table there were people who represented a mediation company, data cabling business, charity, exclusive hire venue, solicitors firm and business coach – and the choices (match them if you can!) were

  • Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix
  • Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
  • Do they know it’s Christmas (original version!) – Band Aid
  • Wish you were here – Pink Floyd
  • I will survive – Gloria Gaynor
  • Fantasia – Walt Disney
  • Lovely Day – Bill Withers

What a mix and some great tags methinks! And on a second look all very much related to networking! Hey Joe a greeting, nothing else matters – the undivided attention we give to the person we are in conversation with, do they know it’s christmas – thinking of others, I will survive – this event and many more (tenuous I know), Fantasia – the fantastic opportunities that arise from conversations and Lovely Day because your networking should be enjoyable and something to look forward to!


As coffee was being served each of the Exeter Business Network charities took the opportunity of talking about the importance of fundraising in order to help them enhance and grow what they do…..the following are the images that were shown (and even a video) along with links so that you can find out more (and even get involved!)

We need your help to fly longer into the night. Our helicopter is night flight ready but we need an extra £1 million a year to achieve our goal.

Helena Holt – CEO talked about the next stage in developing the service that DAAT offers –  needing your help to fly longer into the night. Our helicopter is night flight ready but we need an extra £1 million a year to achieve our goal. Plus community based landing locations…

Ally Colton – Families for Children Trust introduced a video – please watch……

Ben Norman talked about the range of services that St Loye’s provides to a diverse number of service users and client groups, specialising in helping people with health, disability and social issues. Areas of training include information technology, computer aided design, customer care, business skills, horticulture, hospitality and catering, health and social care and engineering. The charity was founded by Georgiana Buller and Queen Elizabeth II has been a patron of the charity since 1946!

Chloe smiling on a horse

Jon Duckham from The WESC Foundation talked about how it is a specialist day and residential centre that offers a unique experience for young people and adults with visual impairment including complex needs – among the activities that is on offer is horse riding….here is Chloe enjoying the experience!

rda horse

and WESC is currently fund raising for a horse like this to offer all those young people and adults the chance to ride!

A huge THANK YOU to Graham Barton and Scott Gray (Clive Emson Auctioneers (West Country) Ltd for being such fantastic auctioneers and helping Exeter Business Network Charities……..


Graham Barton and Scott Gray in action!

The Devon Air Ambulance Trust  is the charity which raises the funds to keep 2 emergency Air Ambulances flying. This is no small feat as each and every year we have to raise in the region of £4.5 million to keep both of the helicopters airborne.  And to make night time flight time Click here if you woul like to donate  

Families for Children  place children for adoption from throughout the UK, who have experienced loss and upheaval. We find for them stable, loving families in Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Somerset and the Isles of Scilly.  We are special because we have a ‘forever’ policy of support and this means that we offer support to the child and new family for as long as they need us. Click here if you would like to donate

WESC Foundation’s  aim is the education and care of young people with visual impairment and/or complex needs and their transition into school, college and beyond.  By providing a specialist centre for education, training and expertise, WESC Foundation create a better life for people with visual impairment. Click here if you would like to donate

The vision of St Loye’s Foundation  is that each individual should have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential, irrespective of natural abilities or setbacks experienced in life.
Mission – St Loye’s mission is to be the preferred choice of people with physical, mental health, sensory and other disabilities, or with long-term health conditions, to improve their quality of life and degree of independence.  Click here if you would like to donate

A total of £1,080 was raised which is brilliant and will be split equally between the charities! Now that is a Grand Grand!

A few closing announcements and that was 2014 done for Exeter Business Network events!

Exeter Business Network’s  next event 7/1/15 – Preview here!    Cafe Style Speed Training seminar before THE networking lunch!

All 2015 Dates here

Quick reminders

Exeter Business Network is looking for Joe Bloggs –  If you introduce someone called Joe Bloggs, or someone who owns a business called Joe Bloggs  – they come to an event and join then I will give you 12 months membership free!

Businesses that could and would benefit from networking – to name a few!

Other ways to get engaged! And connected.  Even start a conversation…..

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“A society grows great when men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in” Greek proverb

What Twitter had to say about the event!

nigelwnwDec 10, 8:34pm via Echofon

Another great #BNSW lunch with @seanhumby
Great to see so many people there & raising money in the charity auction

RachelmBuckley6:53pm via Twitter for iPad

Thanks to @seanhumby for a great Christmas lunch @exetergcc #BNSW – nice to see you @nigelwnw

klaserw6:47pm via Twitter for Android

@RachelmBuckley @seanhumby hi Rachel, you too! I’m sorry I couldn’t stay for long, caught a train to London. Let’s catch up next time!


BridwellDevon6:19pm via Twitter for iPhone

Another great lunch today @exetergcc with the infectious host @seanhumby – a great vibe & super fun charity auction!

klaserw5:18pm via Twitter for Android

@seanhumby @wescfoundation @DevonAirAmb@stloyes @FFCAdoption brilliant lunch, great people, great networking, until next time!


Show Conversation
stloyes5:06pm via Twitter Web Client

@Two_Bridges @seanhumby @DevonAirAmb@FFCAdoption @wescfoundation Merry Chrisrtmas and thanks for your support! 🙂

FFCAdoption4:00pm via Twitter for Android

@seanhumby thanks so much for your continuing support of our work #networking Happy Christmas!

Sean Humby
Thank you all at #BNSW Exeter event for your generosity in raising over £1000 for@wescfoundation @DevonAirAmb @stloyes@FFCAdoption
Show Conversation
Mik1G3:57pm via Twitter for Android

@seanhumby hope it went well. Sorry couldn’t b there.

Two_Bridges3:04pm via Twitter Web Client

@seanhumby @DevonAirAmb @FFCAdoption@wescfoundation @stloyes Happy to be supporting!! Merry Xmas!


claireextrahelp 7:44am via Twitter for iPhone

Looking forward to Christmas lunch today #BNSW#Exeter @seanhumby @louiseextrahelp


RachelmBuckley6:35am via Twitter for iPad

Looking forward to the #BNSW Christmas lunch today @exetergcc @seanhumby #networking#Christmas


Gallery from the event

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