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Bristol Business Network February – Report from the event

February 12, 2015

“When we survey our lives and endeavors we soon observe that almost the whole of our actions and desires are bound up with the existence of other human beings” – Einstein (Quote from Super Cooperators – Martin Nowak)

The event began with a seminar on how to grow and build your network – hosted by Sean Humby (the reporter writing this post!).

Rather than talk endlessly about the seminar – you can view the slides shown here on Slideshare.

You may have noticed in the slideshare presentation the “Introductions” and the question “The meal you most like to prepare”  – well to give you an idea of the culinary delights that you could enjoy here’s a list of the dishes Apple Pie with homemade pastry, Chicken Vindaloo, Full English breakfast with the best bacon & sausage, spaghetti puttenesca, crab linguini, American style pancakes, Pork in a creamy, reduced cider sauce, fish, baked chicken curry (Hugh Fearnley Whittingsall) Jamie Oliver’s 10 minute mackeral, spaghetti bolognese and pancakes…..get’s the taste buds going and also the conversation!

What I will share here is the great work that those who attended did in explaining what networking is about and why we network.  The pictures here are a collage of the flip charts that were created!

SAM_5639 SAM_5643

During the networking lunch there were numerous conversations and connections being made – and the potential opportunities that can develop – superbly summed up in the following email that was shared during the lunch

“You sat me at the same table as Huw Johns last month whom I had a brief chat to at the end of lunch which led to meeting one of his clients in Cardiff a couple of weeks later after which I sent him a proposal and have now had confirmation that they wish to commission a whiteboard animation that will explain his clients proposition for use on their website and other marketing activities.
Feel free to use 
Kind regards,

Among those at the event


“Thank you” to Mark Leveridge for the “Magic 10” ways to stay in contacted (connected even) with your customers.  It is always enlightening to see how other businesses do things and what works for them and also to be reminded of some of the simple things we can do. “Lumpy mail” certainly made an impression!

As the “assistant magician” and being that close to Mark during the trick I can only say it was definitely magic!  As you can see here in this mini gallery!


Roy Adair – a 2 hour round trip with Roy on his motorbike – minimum £20 – that will donated to The Jessie May Trust.  Contact Roy on 0117 2301144 or or via LinkedIn

GWS Media – free analytic tool to see if your website is mobile friendly – click here and enter your website address – takes less than 60 seconds!  Complete with picture!

Offers and Opportunities that Bristol Business Network Members have contributed to help you get more from your business

Businesses that could and would benefit from networking – to name a few!

Business Network SW is on LinkedIn – could you follow?

Even try BNSW Face Book page and post a “like”!

Business Network SW – discussion group on LinkedIn – 1320 members!  Feel free to get involved and participate in discussions, comment and post!

“My movies were the kind they show in prisons and airplanes, because nobody can leave” – Burt Reynolds b 11/2/136

“Doing nothing is very hard to do.  You never know when you are finished!”  Leslie Neilsen  11/2/1926

The next event – 11/3/15 – preview here along with details of how to get your invite – remember there is a fabulous seminar being hosted by Mark before THE networking lunch!

Gallery from the event

The glove at GWS Media


gwsmediaFeb 11, 4:17pm via Twitter Web Client

Great #BNSW #Bristol lunch @seanhumby & big thanks to @MeganHumby for adding some Shamone! to our office…

seanhumbyFeb 11, 3:10pm via Hootsuite

10 Sites for Free, Non-Cheesy Stock Photos – certainly worth a BRIEf look, but not for a “Stinking Bishop”! #BNSW

seanhumbyFeb 11, 2:56pm via Twitter for BlackBerry

Thank you to all at #BNSW #Bristol lunch @BristolDoyle for great conversations plus @MarkLeveridge ‘s magic ten!

seanhumbyFeb 11, 10:10am via Twitter for BlackBerry

RT @claireextrahelp: Looking forward networking lunch in #Bristol today#BNSW with @seanhumby@louiseextrahelp

seanhumbyFeb 11, 9:46am via Twitter for BlackBerry

Looking forward 2 welcoming all to#BNSW #bristol event @BristolDoyle – here’s to a great day!

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