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Levi Strauss, de Balzac and Red Bull – May’s Bristol Business Network event!!

April 24, 2015

20th May – a day of great events, births and quotes many of which can be directly linked to the Bristol Business Network event!  Feel free to come with me on this factual journey that will lead you the event details!

In 1570Cartographer Abraham Ortelius issues Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas and we all know how vital it is to have guidance, a map, a route planner to help us reach our destination – something that a networking event can do – expertise, knowledge, connections and conversations will all help you get to where you want to go – maybe quicker, maybe more cost effectively and maybe event with greater results….

In 1873 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis receive a U.S. patent for blue jeans with copper rivets – and we all know what an iconic brand Levi is – and networking events (whetehr it is the one I will get too or others!) are a great place to share “Brand You” – the who, what, why, when, where and how of you and your business and the way in which can positively impact those that you meet (and those that they meet and know)

We are nearly there -that is the fantastic event at Old Down Manor on 20th May – but first a few quotes from people born on 20th May – and yes they are all related to networking, perhaps even how to approach your networking and certainly what networking can do for you and your business…..

Honore de Balzac the novelist born 1799 and said  “It is easy to sit up and take notice, What is difficult is getting up and taking action.

The actor Jimmy Stewart was born in 1908 has been quoted saying “Never treat your audience as customers, always as partners.
And finally “It is a must to believe in one’s product.” Dietrich Mateschitz the founder of Red Bull born in 1944.
And here’s where all of that knowledge plus your expertise and enthusiasm can be put to great use

In brief…

  • Wednesday 20th May at Old Down Manor – a fabulous setting
  • SAM_5784
  • Super seminar before lunch –  “Social Media for beginners” Hosted by David Doughty – Excellencia – 10am – 11.45am with networking!
  • Networking over drinks 11.45am – 12.30pm
  • Structured 2 course, served, networking lunch 12.30pm – 2pm
  • Lunch speaker – Peter Prater – MD – QTAC Payroll Software and Outsourcing
  • Networking in a nutshell – a message from the host
  • Guaranteed conversations leading to connections and collaborations – here’s what people are saying
  • Guaranteed you’ll leave be better informed and connected than when you arrived!
  • Cost of event for you as a visitor is £36.00 (Inc. VAT) covering seminar, coffee, 2 course served lunch with drinks – wine available, event programme, delegate list, dietary requirements are catered for. Free car parking
  • Opportunity cost of not attending? The value of the best alternative forgone, in a situation in which a choice needs to be made between several mutually exclusive alternatives given limited resources

More details

The business seminar that runs before THE networking lunch is titled “Social Media for Beginners”
Everything you have ever wanted to know about Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but were afraid to ask
  • How to gain 1,000 Twitter followers in just 3 weeks
  • How to make your LinkedIn profile work for you
  • Facebook really can be used for Business

David Doughty, Chief Executive of Excellencia, actively uses social media to promote his business and it is now the prime source of all leads and the number one focus for marketing. He has over 25,000 followers of his personal twitter account @daviddoughty and has 3 twitter accounts in the top ten globally for his specialist field of Corporate Governance #CorpGov.

Find out how you can harness the power of social media to promote your business by coming along to this event….

Seminar starts at 10.30am with coffee and networking from 10am; followed by THE networking lunch

THE networking lunch – a proven way of growing and building your network

Pre lunch drinks and informal networking from 11.45am. Sit down for 2 course lunch with coffee at 12.30pm.

You sit down for 2 course served lunch (bread rolls, main course and dessert with coffee), no buffet here – conversation – not queuing is key!  

You will sit on a table with 7 or 8 other decision makers – none of whom do what you do – a table host will ensure that each person gets 3 minutes to introduce themselves and their business and the benefits that it brings to others.   A great catalyst for questions that lead to the all important conversations that generate the connections and collaborations – sharing knowledge, advice, tips, expertise in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  No sin bin in operation – just a donation to the Bristol Business Network charities if your mobile device is heard!

From 1.30pm – table to table networking. Your opportunity to go and talk to someone else in the room (the seating plan in your event programme will help you locate them), continue your conversation or start a new one with someone else on your table. As a member at subsequent events you will be sat with different people – unique to Business Network events!

Our speaker during lunch (from 1.40 – 1.50pm) is  Peter Prater – MD – QTAC Payroll Software and Outsourcing– sharing top advice on Auto Enrolment and what it means to your business

There will be some closing announcements and the event finishes at 2pm – all you need to do is follow up! Or continue your conversations at the venue.

Your investment is £36.00 (Inc VAT) covering seminar, coffee, 2 course served lunch with drinks, event programme with delegate list, networking tips, event correspondence and a few hours of your time – your return……click here

To book

Call 01981 540708



with “book my place” and I will arrange everything – how to prepare, confirmation, any dietary requirements and your invoice


Prefer an invitation then complete your details here

Gallery for the event

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