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Business Network SW and The Armed Forces Corporate Covenant

May 26, 2015

Delighted to have signed The Armed Forces Corporate Covenant and here’s why and how it is something that you could do as well!

Firstly a bit of background….

How did I find out about this – well the short answer (and perhaps the one you’d expect!) is from networking!  A number of months ago at an Exeter Business Network event I met Captain Chris Gillespie 6th Rifles Regimental Operational Support Officer and also Jon Beake from Wessex Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association.  They liked the event and could see the benefits from attending in terms of promoting the work that they do in the community, the way in which businesses can help support the work that they do, offer insight, connections and opportunities for the serving military personnel that are looking to leave

What is a corporate covenant?

A corporate covenant is a written and publicised voluntary pledge from businesses and charitable organisations who wish to demonstrate their concrete support for the armed forces community.

Hundreds of organisations have signed the corporate covenant, find out who has signed and what they’re pledging here.

How does the corporate covenant fit into the ‘covenant family’?

The corporate covenant has been designed to complement the armed forces covenant and sit alongside the community covenant. The armed forces covenant sets out the moral obligation of society towards members of the armed forces community and the community covenant provides a mechanism for local authorities and communities to express support for members of the armed forces community. The corporate covenant is designed to allow businesses and charitable organisations to express their support, and commit to ways in which they can provide that support.

The Employer Recognition Scheme rewards employers for their varying levels of support for the armed forces in relation to the corporate covenant, with Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards. Find out more here.

What does a corporate covenant include?

All corporate covenants include a core statement of commitment that those adopting the scheme sign up to. This covers the 2 key principles of the armed forces covenant, which are:

  • no member of the armed forces community should face disadvantage in the provision of public and commercial services compared to any other citizen
  • in some circumstances special treatment may be appropriate, especially for the injured or bereaved

Each organisation will also be encouraged to offer support in a way most appropriate to their situation and capacity, with the pledge document including a ‘menu’ of options for them to sign up to. This menu covers employment support for veterans, reservists, service spouses and partners, as well as support for cadet units, Armed Forces Day, and discounts for the armed forces community. There is also an opportunity for companies and charitable organisations to add their own commitments based on local circumstances.

And that’s it in a nutshell!

At the Exeter Business Network event on June 10th you can find out more from Jon Beake – Regional SaBRE Director with Wessex Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association – along with a great seminar and numerous networking opportunities!

From l-r Jon Beake - Wessex Reserve Forces' & Cadets' Association; Sean Humby - BNSW and Fergus Sullivan - 105 Battalion REME presenting The Armed Forces Coprporate Covenant

From l-r
Jon Beake – Wessex Reserve Forces’ & Cadets’ Association; Sean Humby – BNSW and Fergus Sullivan – 105 Battalion REME presenting The Armed Forces Coprporate Covenant

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Delighted to also announce that Business Network SW has been awarded Bronze Award – one of numerous businesses who has pledged it’s support to defence and to take a positive stance towards existing and prospective employees who are part of the Armed Services community.


The full list of supportive employers is here

Find out more here


Gallery – Business Network SW



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