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Exeter Business Network June event – picture report!

June 11, 2015

Event held at Exeter Golf and Country Club on 10th June 2015……

“Goodness is not achieved in a vacuum but in the company of good men” Saul Bellow b 10/6/1914

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Thank you to Ian Dunstan – Cobalt Computers for a fabulous seminar on The Internet of Things….covering RFDI, fridges, bar codes, BRI, Tesco, your location, your business in the global economy, connectivity, efficiency, security and mobility – contact Ian by clicking the pineapple!

The lunch speaker – Jon Beake talked about the Corporate Covenant and the way in which businesses such as yours can get involved.  Simpkins Edwards received a Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award and Business Network SW received Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Bronze Award!

More details…….

Thank you also to Ken Abbott – Into the Image for taking so many photographs – they will be appearing on the blog later today!  If you would like your event “photo documented” ( a new word?!) or need some great photographs taken for your business/organisation then feel free to contact

THE networking lunch where those attending sat with other decision makers with their individual table host ensuring that each person delivered their 3 minute presentation explaining what they do for the others – a great opportunity to enthuse and inspire and build relationships!  I must share a picture – received when the “table host request” was sent out….a request all above board and rigorously policed!!!


Among those at the event…..and the businesses and organisations they represented…


Everyone who attended received their Event programme –  full of all sorts of great offers and opportunities from the Exeter Business Network Members,  2015 dates for Exeter and Bristol, details for the July event, networking tips and even more! Large Print Version!  Only Available to those that attend the events!


Rosemary Pell receiving her Award of Fellowship, from the Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers (AIRSO), for her outstanding work with the Road User Support Service (RUSS)

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WESC Foundation and Listen2Win Challenge – Here is your opportunity for you and your colleagues to meet 2 of England’s Blind Football Team, Keryn Seal (captain) and Robin Williams and take part in some of thefantastic, fun games that they have devised for getting their messages across

Property Investment opportunity…….

Look for Joe Bloggs***

Any guest* that you invite who joins earns you a bottle of bubbly/fine port – unlimited.

Businesses that could and would benefit from networking – to name a few!

Business Network SW is on LinkedIn – could you follow?

Even try BNSW Face Book page and post a “like”!

Business Network SW – discussion group on LinkedIn – 1330 members! Feel free to get involved and participate in discussions, comment and post!

“We don’t come to Canada for our health.  We can think of other ways of enjoying ourselves” – Prince Philip b 10/6/1921

“You’re as safe with me as you would be with the Bank of England” – Robert Maxwell b 10/6/1923

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