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Reporting from Exeter Business Network’s July event

July 10, 2015

“When I was out there I was never ever alone, there was always a team of people behind me, in mind if not in body” Ellen MacArthur b 8/7/1976

A couple of comments received as I was compiling this report….

“Another excellent event today. Nice work”

“you do a super job with The Business Network Exeter”

The Lord Haldon Country Hotel was the venue and conversation, energy and enthusiasm was brought by these people…….

Chris Gillespie, Mark Richardson, Chris Taylor, Russell Bennett, Richard Hussey, Nick Dudman, Sharon Roberts, Nigel Field, Angela Brett, Michelle Roberts, Belinda Newton, Dave Barr, Jon Beake, Steve Richards, Alex Wren, Jay Milling, Lianne Harding, Louise Jones, Jim Taylor, Trina Curtis,David Kilkelly, Sean Humby, Ian Smith, Nigel Wilkinson,  Siobhan Flanary, Megan Humby, Mandy Blackler, Karen Jonas, David Frumin, Tracy Owen, Helen Bennett, Michael Green, Richard Carpenter, Dan Thompson,  Claire Robinson, Louise Pen-Collings, Alistair Heron, Richard Purkis, Lisa PerkinsLyn Dew, Belinda Allen, Oliver Dax, Ashley Scott, Roy Adair, Susie Kevern, Chris Wood, Jack Reed, Danny Frayne, Francijn Suermondt, Matt Richardson, Roger Moore

Representing these businesses and organisations


Thank you to Richard Hussey – RSH Copywriting for a fantastic seminar looking at the changes in the way that Google now delivers it’s search results to your potential customers – including semantic search; details on your business in terms of it’s reputation, authenticity, credibility; the trust and how this relates to what the customers wants and needs.  IMG_20150708_103616

Richard covered everything from “where to get the best pizza” to Rand Fishkin (The Wizard of Moz) and his thoughts on brand, networks and relationships to the Google synonym engine.  To find out more on how this could impact you an your business contact Richard – 01823 674167 or or @RichardHussey1

Thank you to Mick Green for an insight into what the FSB does for small businesses whether member’s or not – a huge amount of lobbying that helps create a better environment for us all – the Life of Brian scene certainly brought that to life!  lifeofbrian

Mick’s contact details are here (along with the other Devon branches)

Event programme full of all sorts of great offers and opportunities from the Exeter Business Network Members,  2015 dates for Exeter and Bristol, details for the August event, networking tips and even more!   Available only for attendees!


Susie Kevern – Pound Lane Business Accounting September Workshop

Bovey Castle –  August 5th with great seminar – How to Build Trust and Authority Online with Video Content – and super post lunch activities!

Concluding quotes…….

“People must help one another, it’s nature’s law” Jean de la Fontaine b 8/7/1621

“There’s no secret to success.  Did you ever know a successful person who didn’t tell you about it” Kin Hubbard – from The Week**

Have a super day, week and month and I look forward to seeing you and your guests on August 5th 2015!

That’s Sean Humby signing off

sean signature picture

Event host - Sean Humby

Event host 

Gallery from the event

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