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IBM, Mark Knopfler, Pete Sampras and Bristol Business Network!

July 14, 2015

12th August – an auspicious day.….

1981 IBM introduced its first personal computer, the model 5150.  ibm5150We wouldn’t be here today – me typing you reading without this the introduction of this!

12th August 1949 Mark Knopfler, Rock singer, musician with Dire Straits was born – nothing dire or strait about the networking event that is coming up – guaranteed conversations, guaranteed connections and guaranteed that you’ll better informed and connected than when you arrived!)

12/8/1971 Pete Sampras’s birthday (winner of 14 Grand slams!)  – Business Network SW has been serving up great networking events in Bristol since 1993!

2015 The date of Bristol Business Network’s event at Mercure Holland House Hotel & Spa

Each event

  • Super seminar before lunch - 10am – 11.45am
  • Networking over drinks 11.45am – 12.30pm
  • Sit down for 2 course, served lunch with coffee at 12.30pm. Structured networking around your table with other decision makers.  Lunch finishes 2pm
  • A lunch speaker that will enlighten, educate and entertain!
  • Cost of event for members is £30.00 (Inc. VAT) (visitors £36.00 inc VAT) covering seminar, coffee, 2 course served lunch with drinks - wine available, event programme, delegate list, dietary requirements are catered for.

Seminar before THE networking lunch – Cash Management – Why your bank pays you next to nothing in interest on your savings, and what to do about it. Hosted by Domus Financial

The seminar will cover how and why banks and financial institutions are building savings products which are complicated and don’t offer a competitive rate of interest. It will also cover how as a consumer you can manage your savings and cash far more easily and receive the best rate of interest possible through using Domus Financial’s cash management service.

People should come to this seminar because over the long term, lost interest on savings can be considerable, and it is a common theme that banks offer poor returns on their accounts and products for savers. We have introduced a new cash management service which we want to share with our existing and new customers, which in a nutshell researches the whole of the market for different types of accounts and savings and demonstrates through this research what type of interest the customer is currently receiving on their savings and what they could potentially be earning should they move their accounts to another bank or provider.
An example – a client who has a considerable amount of savings, and through this service we identified her current interest she is earning is £6,900 however by managing the money more effectively her new rate of interest she is earning is £13,700. Over the longer term this figure is even more significant.
Attendees to the seminar will essentially earn more money on all future savings and will find managing their savings and bank accounts efficient and a lot more simple. From a trust perspective they are also the only ones who have any kind of access to their accounts.

Then it’s THE networking lunch

Drinks and informal networking 11.45am – 12.30pm

From 12.30pm your 2 course served lunch – you sit with other decision makers – none of whom do what you do. There is a table host at each table and you have a 3 minute presentation to do for the others around your table – enthuse and inspire and build relationships. PLUS you have an Event Programme & seating plan which lists everyone attending , their name, business name and what their business does and importantly what table they are sat on enabling you to network with other – more business building opportunities!

Our Lunch Speaker is Andy King – LP Wealth Management

Event finishes at 2pm leaving you plenty of time to follow up

  • Someone on the pink sheets you know?
  • A one to one?
  • A follow up telephone call?
  • Passing on a lead?
  • Acting as a connector?
  • Connect on LinkedIn?
  • Share some information?
  • Refer some business to one of your customers/contacts?
  • Ask for help?
  • Assistance for future developments?
  • Get connected on Twitter, Google+?

To book your place

Call 01981 540708



with “book my place” and I will arrange everything – how to prepare, confirmation, any dietary requirements and your invoice


Prefer an invitation then complete your details here

Event Gallery




Sean Humby - Event Host

Sean Humby – Event Host



100 reasons to attend a BNSW event 2015



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