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“Without promotion; something terrible happens – nothing”

July 16, 2015

So said PT Barnum.

The Bristol Business Network event at Old Down Manor on the 15th July proved just how valuable promotion is in enhancing any business.  Looking at the word in more detail and you can see how just how ideal a networking event is in generating opportunities for your business/organisation

Promotion – an activity that supports or encourages a cause, venture, or aim; the publicizing of a product, organization, or venture so as to increase sales or public awareness.

All of which were clearly being demonstrated at the event – networking over drinks taken on the terrace overlooking both the Severn Crossings and during a fantastic lunch – compliments to the Chef!

Jon Beake (Wessex RFCA ) and Major Jason Mather (105 Battalion REME) delivered a great introduction to the Corporate Covenant, the Employer Recognition Scheme and the role of reservists and how they can really add a huge amount to your business/orgainsation.


Click to see full presentation

1.       Reservists will only be called-up for operations with the agreement of their employer in normal circumstances and only compulsorily in an event of dire national security, in which case we’ll all be glad they are being called-up!  Therefore there is no danger of Reservist employees being taken away for military service and away from their employer without consultation and agreement unless the proverbial **** hits the fan. Hopefully that busts that myth and allays any related fear!
2.       Richard Graves of GWS employs a Reservist and only has good things to say and is happy to talk to anyone about it from his experience – thank you Richard.

You can get involved very easily – I did and look what I received!bronzecertificate

The event was attended by

Lindsey Horton, Katerina Pippi , Jason Mather, Sue Sadler, Claire Robinson, Daniel Collings, Megan Humby, Duncan Laker, Jon Beake ,Sean Humby, Chris Kenber, Alex Johnston, Chris Gordon, Huw Johns, Louise Pen-Collings, Deborah Dunsden, David Doughty, Richard Graves,  Inge Dowden, Ken Abbott, Damon Fox, Lyn Dew, Olivia Mills, Roy Adair, Sean Gilday, Matt Richardson


105 Battalion REME  Bradley and Sadler Sales & Lettings  Chris Kenber Coaching  Domus Financial  Dowlis Corporate Solutions  Excellencia Ltd  Extra Help Limited  GWS Media Ltd  Inge Dowden Coaching  Into the Image Jumpstart  Just Huw Johns Ltd  LP Wealth Management  Lynat Ltd  Old Down Manor  Open Network Associates Ltd   Page Hargrave  Recognition Express The Jessie May Trust  Thornbury Castle  Welcome Telecom Ltd  Wessex Reserve Forces' & Cadets' Association
The event was captured or should I say documented photographically brilliantly by  Ken Abbott – Into the Image for taking so many photographs…….
If you would like your event “photo documented” ( a new word?!) or need some great photographs taken for your business/organisation then feel free to contact Ken – 07966 505490 or
Concluding quotes – also from The Week**
“Journalism.  A profession whose business is to explain to others what it personally does not understand” Lord Northcliffe
“As it was I spent 8 years in the army – the only thing I knew how to do was to lead 3 70 ton tanks in withdrawal – doesn’t look good on your CV” Ranulph Fiennes
Have a fantastic day and I look forward to seeing you and your guests on 12th August 2015
Have a great day
Best regards
Sean Humby – Event host and reporter!
the week
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