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October’s Exeter Business Network event – knowledge and expertise to get and give plus THE networking lunch!

September 9, 2015

Nobel prize winner, fabulous poet and critic, carbon paper, the far side of the moon and the Gold Rush!* – All on just one day!

And a day in the calendar that can be memorable for you – a fantastic seminar on bringing 2 powerhouses together, superb networking opportunities, conversations and connections over your 2 course served lunch…….poetry in motion, a critical success since 1993, cannot be replicated, closer than you’d think and certain to create golden opportunities!

Wednesday 7th October at Exeter Golf and Country Club is a day full of opportunities for you and your business/organisation.

Essential details first!

  • Conversations and connections from beginning to end
  • Business seminar before lunch with coffee & networking
  • THE networking lunch – share your expertise, build your network
  • Times – 10am start for seminar then lunch
  • Times – 11.45am start for just lunch
  • Event finishes at 2pm
  • Event programme full of great opportunities
  • All the tools to enable you to follow up

The Business Seminar before the lunch hosted by Julia Bramble…..

 “We all know the internet is really powerful – it’s where everyone hangs out- at least for some of the time – and more importantly it’s where people go to research things.
However, what’s even more powerful is your brain and the  knowledge and expertise that’s sat in it. You know –  all that stuff that you unconsciously share with your customers which is probably the reason they buy from you?

What I want to share with you is how to add those 2 powerhouses together to create something amazing – a way of attracting leads and prospects into your business that runs automatically … (I’m not talking pure social media or content marketing here.)

Does that sound horribly American and internet-markety and over-the-top? Does it sound too good to be true? Well, I might have thought so too – but actually I’ve done it, I do it and it works!!

I used this method to help launch a (virtual) product which made £15,000 sales in 10 days.

I want to share with you the mechanism by which you can unlock your expert knowledge and use it to grow your business – doing the work once and then having an automatable system in place.

Look forward to seeing you there!”


Followed by THE networking lunch 

  • Networking over drinks 11.45am – 12.30pm
  • Structured networking lunch 12.30pm – 2pm tables hosted, seating plan designed, event programme full of great opportunities and offers, delegate list provided, dietary requirements catered for

From 12.30pm your 2 course served lunch – you sit with other decision makers – none of whom do what you do. There is a table host at each table and you have a 3 minute presentation to do for the others around your table – enthuse and inspire and build relationships. PLUS you have the Event Programme & seating plan which lists everyone attending , their name, business name and what their business does and importantly what table they are sat on enabling you to network with other – more business building opportunities!

LUNCH SPEAKER – Mark Leveridge

Event finishes at 2pm

Your Investment – for seminar, coffee & networking, pre-lunch drinks and networking – including wine, 2 course served structured networking lunch with coffee, numerous decision makers, delegate list, follow up correspondence – £36.00 Inc VAT. Dietary requirements catered for

This is an invitation only event
That’s why this message has been sent

You are reading this, perhaps join my invitation list 

I trust that you get the gist

We maybe connected through LinkedIn

Perhaps we met at an exhibition

It could be as a result of Twitter

You were recommended by a member in Bristol or Exeter

It could be a simple inquiry for details

So feel free to look at what an event entails

To book your place

Call 01981 540708



with “book my place” and I will arrange everything – how to prepare, confirmation, any dietary requirements and your invoice


Prefer an invitation then complete your details here

*7th October events

  • Born 7/10/1931 – Desmond Tutu, South African archbishop and activist, Nobel Prize laureate and in 1939 – Clive James, Australian television host, author, and critic
  • In 1959, the dark far side of the Moon was photographed for the first time and pictures relayed back to Earth by Russia’s Luna 3 spacecraft
  • Carbon paper In 1806, Englishman Ralph Wedgwood secured the first patent for carbon paper, which he described as an “apparatus for producing duplicates of writings.”
  • Thumbnail - Edward H. HargravesEdward Hammond Hargraves born 7 Oct 1816 – was an English prospector whose discovery of gold started the Australian Gold Rush

Things really can happen if you take action – and what an action – coming to an event that will give you

  • opportunities that will enhance your business
  • mutually beneficial relationships with other decision makers
  • networking that is structured, relaxed and comfortable?
  • a business seminar that can positively impact your business
  • a huge variety of contacts be useful to your business
  • the opportunity to promote your business and expertise
  • a team of advocates and ambassadors for your business
  • an ROI on your networking?

Event Gallery

Event Host

Event host - Sean Humby

Event host – Sean Humby

Seminar Host

Julia’s free guide available here

Lunch Speaker

Mark Leveridge being magical at a Bristol Business Network event earlier this year!

Mark Leveridge being magical at a Bristol Business Network event earlier this year!

Membership of Business Network SW

You can attend 2 consecutive events as a visitor – there is no obligation to join – to attend subsequent events membership is required – full details will be available at the event. Membership is restricted so that only 5% of the total membership is from the same business category.  BNSW operates a waiting list for those over subscribed categories.

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