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For the first time ever at Bristol Business Network………

January 21, 2016

Beginning at the event on Wednesday 17th February…….

Work ON your business, not IN your business

As business owners, we are always busy getting new clients, working on our marketing, checking the accounts are done and, of course, delivering our products or services. Sometimes we are so busy that we don’t have time to take a step back and see if all this activity is leading to our ultimate goal. And sometimes we’ve even forgotten what our ultimate goal is.

In this unique series of 2 seminars, business and happiness coach Inge Dowden will help you take that step back and look at your business from a different perspective.

In the first session we will look at the following:

* Is your business giving you the lifestyle you want?

* What are you long-term goals for the business?

* What are some of your personal goals?

* What do you need to do to realise those goals and ambitions?

You will come out of it with a personalised action plan for the next month, that you can work on straight away.

In the second session ( March 23rd) we will look at the actions you’ve taken since the last session and what the impact has been on your life and your business. We will then follow it up with a more detailed look at what you can do to grow your business.

* Who is your ideal client?

* How can you get more clients?

* How can you make more profit?

Although the sessions are best done consecutively, you can also come to just one of the two if you can’t make both of them. You will always pick up some useful nugget of information or an idea from your fellow business owners that you can implement in your business.

So get your diary out now and make some time to work on your business, not just in it. It will be well worth your time.

 All part of A Different Kind of Networking – For Senior Contacts

Bristol Business Network  – With Free Seminars (detailed above!) followed by THE networking lunch

 “I’ve been introduced to great bunch of like minded businesses within a friendly & supportive network, I’ve re evaluated my marketing efforts following some interesting & thought provoking seminars, I’ve found new contacts that I can refer my own contacts to and most of all I’ve completed 5 design projects, 3 directly with members and 2 following referrals from members, that have more than paid for my membership.”JF Multi-Storey-Thinking

Just one of the kind comments received recently

I would like to offer you the opportunity to book for our February event, taking place on Wednesday 17th February at The Bristol Hotel from 11.45 am until 2.00 pm and discover for yourself why we receive comments like the one above!

“Networking is all about establishing meaningful business relationships – not a ‘hard sell'”.


Bristol Business Network Works!

The Business Network has been operating successfully in the UK for over 22 years, and because we target senior decision-makers it is all about establishing meaningful business relationships – not a ‘hard sell’.

Research has long supported the view that networking is a key factor in the success of fast growth companies. It allows the business person to build new business relationships, ‘knowledge share’ and generate business opportunities at the same time. Many business people prefer face-to-face networking opportunities because they prefer actually knowing and meeting who they intend to do business with. But don’t just take our word for it – come and chat to our members and let then tell you why they find our format so effective.

The cost of event is £37.00 (Inc VAT) covering seminar, coffee, 2 course served lunch with drinks, event programme with delegate list, networking tips, event correspondence.


To book your place

Call 01981 540708



with “book my place” and I will arrange everything – how to prepare, confirmation, any dietary requirements and your invoice


Prefer an invitation then complete your details here

A world of networking opportunities for your business….



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