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Dear Exeter Business Network member

February 11, 2016

As told at the Exeter Business Network event – 10th February

“Amidst the worldly comings and goings, observe how endings become beginnings” Tao Te Ching

Dear member

I would like to share a story – the story of how I became the face of Business Network SW in Exeter

Once upon a time in a land far far away (Yorkshire) there was a man with a training business, having just left the big, big corporate castle with a dream to become a successful business owner.

On his travels through the setting up of his business  he discovered that networking was a great way to develop the business relationships that matter – relationships that lead to greater knowledge, collaborations, opportunities and work.

He discovered that there was an enchanted land called Business Network Doncaster and it’s sister land Business Network South Bank with other lands in Sheffield, Manchester and beyond – they were all run by a master (mistress) of networking Helen Bennett – who helped him build the connections, gave him opportunities to share his knowledge and expertise and ran brilliant events where he did indeed discover that networking worked!!!

It came to pass that the land far, far away was indeed far, far away and he needed to move to be closer to his family and ended up in that other mysterious land called Herefordshire.  But what to do with his training business in this new land – the key was Business Network – more than a coincidence that it was in Bristol and so opportunities and business developed as a result of the events he attended there.

Here another chapter in his life opened up and he became the owner, face, host of Business Network in the South West

  • 263 lunches in Exeter, Bristol, Taunton and even Plymouth
  • Over 250 seminars – my (and I trust yours) CPD is unbelievable
  • 263 speakers sharing their expertise, anecdotes
  • Thousands of phone calls, thousands of business cards in my collection
  • Hundred’s of thousands of emails – sent, received, exchanged

All since I took over Business Network SW back in 2007

All those events  – Every one enjoyable, every one a delight to see people conversing and building the relationships that matter

Everyone with a smile, a story, an anecdote

Everyone I have met – amazing, supportive and friends, great businesses, delivering huge benefits need I say more.

You may have guessed where this is going….

I am now passing the baton, transferring the mantle, moving on from Exeter Business Network.

Exeter Business Network will continue – and to quote a 70’s TV programme – will become better, faster, stronger with the best possible people Helen and Russell Bennett – they have unrivaled expertise, a pedigree second to none, huge success in starting and growing new Business Networks in England through their licensees.  They are based here in the South West!

They will bring many great things that will only benefit you and your business through the events and elsewhere.

The dates and venues for 2016 will remain the same – Bristol Business Network will continue with me as the face, the host, the chief “gatherer of bums on seats”


You may ask why? What I’ll say is that I have reached a point in my life and made a decision for me and my family – one that has taken many months to get to – one that takes me into the next chapter.

With Helen and Russell taking the reins I know that Exeter Business Network will continue to prosper – all their knowledge, expertise and commitment.

I must thank you for what you have always brought; your enthusiasm, humour and an unrivaled willingness to help each other; the never ending series of “why Exeter Business Network has worked for you” stories all demonstrating what Exeter Business Network is about.

I guess that this is full circle –Helen, the person that showed me how and why networking can work and why I became involved is now taking over!

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you a new hello” Paulo Coelho

Wishing you a successful and profitable future

sean signature picture

Sean Humby

For all events in Exeter please contact – for your invitation, to bring a guest along and any other enquiry

Telephone –  01803 328806




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