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With 2 minutes to spare…..

July 1, 2016

With only 2 minutes to spare

What could I share

A plug, a sales pitch or two

Oh no, that just would not do


All I’ll say is that I host an event

That over the last 23 years has been decent

In terms of conversations, connections with a super bunch

And guess what, it’s monthly over lunch


With a morning seminar before

I can guarantee that it is not a bore

With experts in their field sharing knowledge

Would you expect a rhyme with porridge


I thought as much, so best I act

So I’ll change my tact

The events generate a return on investment

Ensuring that your money is well spent


A quote from a member

“Work signed since September

£22, 247 or 742 months of lunch

Due to conversations and connections – and not just a good munch


The rhymes are getting worse

And my poetic skill is in reverse

I’ve preached to the converted, here

You know networking rewards are clear


But feel free to pass on and share

To those that that may need some networking fare

My phone, email, website and blog, are below, feel free to take heed

‘Cos a lunchtime event could fulfill yours or their networking need



So feel free to connect as it leads to success

Business Network SW is one of the best

Thank you for your time

There endeth the rhyme



My details as promised


Sean Humby – Director – Business Network (SW) Ltd


Sean reciting the poem……

Tel 01981 540708             


@seanhumby  #BNSW


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