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Predicting an event full of opportunity – it is Nostradamus’s birthday after all!

November 15, 2016

Hello dear reader

Nostradamus was born on 14/12/1503 and he predicted many events that have subsequently happened.  Whether this event was in one of his quatrains is open to debate and interpretation!


What I can predict is that you’ll benefit from the host of opportunities that can benefit you and your business when coming along to Bristol’s longest running networking lunch.

Since the first event in 1993 Business Network SW has been operating successfully for over 23 years because we target senior decision-makers who see the benefit in establishing meaningful business relationships – not going for the ‘hard sell’.

Research has long supported the view that networking is a key factor in the success of fast growth companies. It allows the business person to build new business relationships, ‘knowledge share’ and generate business opportunities at the same time. Many business people prefer face-to-face networking opportunities because they prefer actually knowing and meeting who they intend to do business with. But don’t just take our word for it – come and chat to our members and let then tell you why they find our format so effective.




  • Next event – 14th December 2016 at Mercure Holland House Hotel and Spa
  • Free business seminar – hosted by Into the Image – It Doesn’t Have to be in Focus: What makes a photograph work
  • networking over drinks 11.45am – 12.30pm;
  • sitting for your structured, served, 2 course networking lunch at 12.30pm;
  • tables hosted, seating plan designed,
  • event programme full of great opportunities and offers,
  • delegate list provided,
  • Christmas raffle to support Jessie May Trust and Brainwave
  • dietary requirements catered for.
  • event finishes at 2pm.

Here’s an opportunity for you to book!  Click on the green button – register your details and add “Please book my place for 14th December” in the notes box and everything will be arranged for you!

Seminar before lunch hosted by Into the Image

It Doesn’t Have to be in Focus: What makes a photograph work

Look at 100 photos, some will interest you and some won’t.  The level of quality will probably vary greatly but there will be a handful that will stand out.  Even if the subject doesn’t interest your eye will be drawn to them.  They will be head and shoulders above the rest but it is not always easy to explain why.

As is seen in award-winning photos in the pages of magazines and websites, a photo is able to describe and to move a person to act in ways that words themselves may not

  • one that causes some sort of emotional response in those looking at it
  • put the viewer in a particular moment in time
  • tell a story
  • element of intrigue
  • keep your audience captivated
  • interesting and engaging subject matter
  • to communicate with the viewer

In this seminar Ken will share some of his knowledge on how to become a good/better photographer.  With a little hard work and an understanding of simple principles you can can tap into the importance of photography and the positive impact it can have on your business and life.

Ken’s business’s motto is ‘Set Your Photography Free’ which perfectly sums up his philosophy.  Taking great images is easy if you don’t let too much information and so called ‘rules’ clutter the process.

Ken’s areas of photography include documentary/naturalistic images, portraits, theatrical images and the use of natural light.

Coffee and networking from 10am and seminar starts at 10.30am (optional, always rewarding, included in the price and a great networking opportunity!)

Then THE Networking Lunch…..

  • 11.45am. Arrival for drinks before lunch and Informal networking  All attendees have a name badge, are given the Event Programme complete delegate list, offers, opportunities, networking tips and an aid for your follow up!
  • 12.30pm. Sit down for 2 course served lunch and formal networking at your table – you will sit on a table with 7 or 8 other decision makers – none of whom do what you do – a table host will ensure that each person get at least 3 minutes to introduce themselves and their business and the benefits that it brings to others.
  • 1.30pm – table to table networking – with your delegate list you will be able to locate and introduce yourself to others.  As a member at subsequent events you will be sat with different people
  • 1.40pm – 10 minute Speaker – informative, entertaining and always worthwhile!
  • 2pm The event finishes – no need to rush off.  Your opportunity for continuing your conversations, a one to one, further discussion using the venues facilities

Your Investment is £37.00 (Inc. VAT) covering seminar, coffee, 2 course served lunch with drinks – wine available, event programme, delegate list, dietary requirements are catered for.

Finally, I would like thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you on 14th December – and here’s a final opportunity for you to book!  Click on the green button – register your details and add “Please book my place for 14th December” in the notes box and everything will be arranged for you!

Feel free to contact me if you need any more detail or even just a conversation about networking and how it can work for you – all my contact details are below

Have a great day

Best regards

sean signature picture

Sean Humby – Director

Business Network (SW) Ltd

Office  – 01981 540708

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Event Gallery



Who attends the Bristol events?

How to make networking work for you – GWS Media

What is business networking and is it important?

What others are saying or look on Twitter, look up @seanhumby or search #BNSW

Will I get a return?

Networking in a nutshell

Networking Nation – BBC Radio 4 series on networking – 15 minute programmes by Julia Hobsbawn.

Conversation starters – courtesy of Bob Burg

Business Network SW holds a Bronze Award in the Employer Recognition Scheme/ Corporate Covenant and has pledging intent to support Defence and the Armed Forces. Click here to see how you can become involved.

*the opportunity cost of a choice is the value of the best alternative forgone, in a situation in which a choice needs to be made between several mutually exclusive alternatives given limited resources

*Booking an event and cancellation policy.

Once you have booked the event please note – If you cannot attend the event then please give me at least 48 hours notice of cancellation. Less than 48 hours notice will mean that you will be be required to pay your invoice for the event as numbers have been confirmed with the venue. Members £30 Inc VAT, Visitors £37.00 Inc VAT per person.

This is an invitation only event and the fact that you are reading this means that you are potentially interested – so go on take the next step…..

Click on the green button – register your details and add “Please book my place for 16th November” in the notes box and everything will be arranged for you!

You can attend 2 events as a visitor with no obligation to become a member – to attend subsequent events membership is required – full details will be available at the event. Membership is restricted so that only 5% of the total membership is from the same business category. BNSW operates a waiting list for those over subscribed categories.

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