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Bad things can happen at any time in any business. Learn how to weather any storm, great or small in the business seminar and then enjoy THE networking lunch.

February 21, 2017



You are invited to join numerous other senior decision makers on Wednesday 22nd March at Old Down Manor where you and your business can experience the premier lunch time networking event in Bristol

  • You benefit from the free business seminar
  • You will meet other business owners, directors & decision makers over drinks 11.45am – 12.30pm
  • You have relationship building conversations over a served, 2 course lunch from 12.30pm
  • Your table is hosted & you don’t sit with anyone who does what you do
  • You get an event programme full of great opportunities, offers and the delegate list.
  • Your dietary requirements can be catered for
  • Back to your office for the afternoon as event finishes at 2pm.

The Business Seminar before lunch


Or how to weather any storm, great or small

Whether it’s a recession, legislative changes or your biggest customer going bankrupt, bad things can happen at any time in any business. And where some business go under, others survive or even thrive. So what’s the secret of their success?

That’s what you’ll find out in this not to be missed seminar by our resident business happiness coach Inge Dowden.

Inge is going to give you 11 ways to recession-proof your business. Some you will have thought of, others may surprise you.

Always practical, never dull, Inge’s seminar will leave you feeling more positive about the future of your business. So get yourself booked on now, put the date in the diary, and spend some time working on your business, not just in it.

Coffee and networking from 10.00am – seminar starts at 10.30am and runs until 11.45am. (optional, always rewarding, included in the price and a great networking opportunity)

Followed by

The networking lunch

From 11.45am until 12.30pm there is an informal free range networking session, you have a choice of wine, fruit juice or water. You will be introduced to other members during this time.

12.30pm –  lunch is called and at your table there will be a table host who will guide you through the next part of the lunch.

During the lunch each decision maker at your table will have 3 minutes (maximum) to explain to the others the benefits that you and your organisation can offer; the type of business that you are looking for and also how other businesses can help you.  Be memorable so that other people will be able to remember and refer.

There will opportunity to ask further questions when everyone has completed their 3 minutes.

1.30 to 1.40 your opportunity to go and talk to someone else in the room (the seating plan will help you locate them), continue your conversation or start a new one with someone else on your table.

1.40pm  Speaker – Peter Prater – QTAC Payroll Software and Outsourcing

2.00pm Lunch finishes – you can still continue to network with the others in the room, maybe set up a follow up meeting, gather information from the literature table.  A great time to make those appointments and even continue your discussions in the venue’s facilities.

Cost of event is £38.00 (Inc VAT) covering seminar, coffee, 2 course served lunch with drinks, event programme with delegate list, networking tips, event correspondence.  Car parking is free



To book your place

Call 01981 540708



with “book my place for Bristol” and I will arrange everything – how to prepare, confirmation, any dietary requirements and your invoice


Prefer an invitation then complete your details here

Business Network SW has been operating successfully in Bristol for over 24 years, and because we target senior decision-makers it is all about establishing meaningful business relationships – not a ‘hard sell’.

Research has long supported the view that networking is a key factor in the success of fast growth companies. It allows the business person to build new business relationships, ‘knowledge share’ and generate business opportunities at the same time.

From a recent survey

  • 84% of decision makers say they prefer in-person meetings. 
  • 85% of business owners say they build stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person business meetings
  • 77% of directors say they prefer in-person meetings due to the ability to read body language and facial expressions. 
  • 49% of decision makers say they prefer in-person business meetings because they allow for more complex strategic thinking.
  • 95% say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships.

Don’t just take my word for it – come and chat to our members and let then tell you why they find our format so effective.

Event Gallery



Booking an event and cancellation.

Once you have booked the event please note – If you cannot attend the event then please give me at least 48 hours notice of cancellation. Less than 48 hours notice will mean that you will be be required to pay your invoice for the event as numbers have been confirmed with the venue. Members £31.00 Inc VAT – Visitors £38.00 Inc VAT per person. Events must be paid for in advance.

You can attend 2 consecutive events as a visitor with no obligation – to attend subsequent events membership is required – full details will be available at the event. Membership is restricted so that only 5% of the total membership is from the same business category. BNSW operates a waiting list for those over subscribed categories.

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