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A- Z networking Part 3

August 7, 2017

Hello and welcome

For first timers a brief introduction……

This A-Z has been compiled from sources gathered over the last 25 years – many before Google – it is by no means exhaustive or I trust exhausting; merely something that will help you get more from your networking.

Originally written or should I say compiled as a resource for members of Business Network SW and then developed into a series of seminars. Now it’s the basis for a number of blog posts which I trust that you will find informative, useful and – dare I say, even worth sharing and ultimately even engage with.

I will serialise in posts over the coming weeks and months and it will develop as more knowledge and wisdom becomes available – which it undoubtedly will!

Part One here

Part Two here

Here’s the E’s and F’s


Enthusiasm – you are your business – if you are not enthusiastic about it how will anyone else be.  Think about the words that you use, the tone of your voice, the body language you are conveying.  Be confident in your communication and enthuse others – if you’re not enthusiastic about your business and the benefits it brings then why would anyone want to work with you or even refer you?  See B and Brand You. 

If you surround yourself with business professionals with like-minded goals and aspirations they’ll lift you and carry you with them – the energy will be contagious.  You will bounce of each other, have fun and share opportunities.  The more variety that you have in your network the more that this will happen.  Humour, stories and anecdotes all help and don’t be afraid to ask for help

Expertise – If possible ensure you become known as the ‘expert’ within your field.  Think of your experience, the people that you have helped out, the benefits that you bring, what people are saying about you, the material that you have written, the blog posts, the tweets, the LinkedIn articles – the list is endless.  BUT it is all knowledge and insight that can be shared and disseminated – perhaps only tasters as, and I’ll quote from a previous post – what you want to hear is “How do you do that and can we have a chat”

If you’re invited to present to a networking audience or at an event or as part of a conference or as part of a seminar programme at an expo or for a media interview or to contribute an article or be interviewed on your business or specialist field, grasp the opportunity.

Focus on your conversational partner(s) (not those who are not involved but maybe around him or her).  This is active listening…listening is a skill that can be practised and needs to be as the person that you are talking to is the most important – not the next person entering the room.  The Chinese symbol for listening sums this up very well… seen in part one!


Listening will be covered later as well!

Follow up – you’ve spent time having a conversation with someone – follow up with what you’ve agreed – a call, an email a one to one – do it!  If you’ve said you’ll do something then by doing it you are starting to establish the trust element so crucial in any relationship.

Follow up – Make sure you’re organised and systematic in all aspects of your business not just your networking activity. Prompt responses and follow-up will earn you a well-deserved reputation. Keep those that give you introductions informed of progress.


Follow up with a difference – bulky mail (I must mention Matt Richardson – Recognition Express for this – he is an expert in helping you stand out, get remembered, be memorable and have outstanding bulky mail)


Bulky mail…..

Coloured envelopes, a hand written envelope, even a postcard – here’s some I sent following a seminar I hosted – all chosen individually….


All stand out and make the next steps easier as people remember you!

Follow up is a whole subject in itself and one that will be featured throughout – it is the part of networking that gets neglected so often and is perhaps the simplest part – especially with all the tools at our disposal.

Future – the benefits you get and give because of networking may not be immediate – if they are great – build on this – givers gain – abundance – share your good fortune and/or the good fortune of others.  The conversations and connections that you make whilst networking need to be stored and when the time/opportunity arises you can use the knowledge that you have.  That knowledge could be  a name, something you’ve read, been told, something that someone you know can do – by having an open mind and working it you will develop a keen sense of  “optitude” – the ability to develop/spot/create be open to opportunities in the short, medium and long term! A word from Sean Humby – not yet in the OED!


Coming next some G’s and H’s……

Thank you for reading this far – the next instalment will be available soon and please feel free to comment, share.


If you would like to connect then you can find me on




Have a great day and enjoy your networking and make it enjoyable and beneficial for those that you meet!


Sean Humby

Director and host – Business Network (SW) – monthly lunch time networking events in Bristol.

Business Network SW was established in 1993 and for the last 24 years has been helping businesses build effective business relationships.


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