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A-Z of Networking – the K’s and L’s

November 10, 2017

Hello and welcome

Here’s the K’s and L’s – a few more pictures and quotes that I trust will add to the post – feel free to share

And for those people here for the first time, a brief introduction……

This A-Z has been compiled from sources gathered over the last 25 years – many before Google – it is by no means exhaustive or I trust exhausting; merely something that will help you get more from your networking.

Originally written or should I say compiled as a resource for members of Business Network SW and then developed into a series of seminars.  Now it’s the basis for a number of blog posts which I trust that you will find informative, useful and – dare I say, even worth sharing and ultimately even engage with.

I will serialise the whole A-Z in posts over the coming weeks and months and it will

You’ll find the A – J’s at the end of this post!



Kindness – If there is an opportunity to be kind – go for it.  During a conversation there could be the chance to share something you know that could be helpful to the other person, it could be a link, it could be a contact, a company that you know who needs the skills that you have just heard about, it could be an invite to another networking event – I trust that you get the idea!

Even after an event, a meeting, that one to one you have the chance to continue (or start…) to be kind

  1. It could be positive review (on one of those review sites….) or a recommendation on LinkedIn.
  2. Could you support the businesses within your network – purchasing something, engaging a service, even buying from those who things to sell – I’ve met people who create everything from works of art to fascinators to portraits to photographs to wine tasting experiences to gift cards for restaurants…..
  3. You could comment on and share your favourite blogposts and articles written by those in your network and help them to get their message out to a wider network – connect on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter, and there’s Instagram, Pinterest to name but 4!
  4. When was the last time (or first time that) you called a client/customer and simply say thank you for the pleasure of doing business with them?  Or sent them something – a card, a postcard or some bulky mail (even one of your propmotional pieces!
  5. And finally when you are networking at events and you introduce people in your network to each other, share something you really appreciate about that person (beyond their name and job title).

Use the opportunity to inspire, enthuse, be positive – we all know that our enthusiasm and positivity can rub off on others – kindness makes an interaction all the more memorable

Knowledge – you are an expert in your field – share what you know – top tips, what’s new in your world, what you’ve come across that may be helpful to others.


Ask others about what they know – even who they know!


Learning from others – they are experts in their field – don’t be afraid to ask for advice – people like to help.


Go to seminars – even if the subject/topic does not seem relevant you will pick up something that can be useful for someone else – a nugget of knowledge that can be shared.

Learning through practise – St Thomas said “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”


share your learning by hsoting a seminar, doing a foresight, speaking for 10 minutes – many networking groups have opportunities for you to do this – invariably free, always with like minded people and…

  • Increases Your Visibility
  • Enables potential customers to see you in action
  • Positions You As An Expert On A Specific Subject.
  • Share knowledge
  • A presentation can be shared on Slideshare (part of LinkedIn)
  • Positions You As An Expert On Related Subjects.
  • Improves Public Speaking Skills
  • Allows You To Educate Others.
  • Enables a 2 way conversation through a Q & A
  • Generates New Business Leads.
  • Deliver something informative, interesting and entertaining
  • Provides Opportunity To Earn Referrals




Lifetime value

Customer lifetime value can also be defined as the dollar value of a customer relationship, based on the present value of the projected future cash flows from the customer relationship.[1] Customer lifetime value is an important concept in that it encourages firms to shift their focus from quarterly profits to the long-term health of their customer relationships. Customer lifetime value is an important number because it represents an upper limit on spending to acquire new customers

Listen – “You can make more friends in two months  by becoming interested in other people  than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you” – Dale Carnegie – see Knowledage and Learning above and see PART 1 BE 

Longevity – see Future



Coming next some M’s and N’s……

Thank you for reading this far – the next instalment will be available soon and please feel free to comment and share.

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Have a great day and enjoy your networking and make it enjoyable and beneficial for those that you meet!





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