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Networking A-Z – the M’s and N’s

February 1, 2018

Hello and welcome

Here’s the M’s and N’s – a few more pictures and quotes that I trust will add to the post – feel free to share

And for those people here for the first time, a brief introduction……

This A-Z has been compiled from sources gathered over the last 25 years – many before Google – it is by no means exhaustive or I trust exhausting; merely something that will help you get more from your networking.

Originally written or should I say compiled as a resource for members of Business Network SW and then developed into a series of seminars. Now it’s the basis for a number of blog posts which I trust that you will find informative, useful and – dare I say, even worth sharing and ultimately even engage with.

I will serialise the whole A-Z in posts over the coming weeks and months and it will
You’ll find the A – l’s at the end of this post!



Mind set – what is yours?  What is the attitude you have? Your attitude is visible to others so is the one that you want them to see?  Are you a glass half full or half empty person?  Clearly both mean that there is room for more….of what is entirely up to you.

How does this apply to any networking that you do?  You need to be positive about the event you are going to – you know the value in particpating, listening and looking to help others and not deliver your sales pitch, elevator speech, escalator soliloquy, lift locution or personal parlance…..

This whole mindset thing has been summed up brilliantly in FISH Philosophy –( thank you Wikipedia! )  a fabulous book written by John Christensen

The Fish! Philosophy (styled FISH! Philosophy), modeled after the Pike Place Fish Market, is a technique to make happy individuals alert and active in the workplace. John Christensen created this philosophy in 1998 to improve “organizational culture“. Its central four ideas, which have been adopted at some companies and schools, are:

  1. choosing one’s attitude,
  2. playing at work,
  3. making someone’s day, and
  4. being present.

 In short they gave their complete attention to each customer and ensured each had an enjoyable visit – that’s networking in action – for each and every person that you meet the same should apply.  It’s a quality thing not a quantity one….

FISH – my personal perspective……..for networking and even life!




Mistakes – will happen – and a quick search (along with personal experience!) shows that the 4 most common networking mistakes are…..

Consider FAIL – First Action in Learning – and then move on having benefited from the mistake.



Names – use them – we all like the sound of our name – if you don’t know ask, if you cannot remember – ask – use their name during the conversation to help imbed.  Taken from a fabulous article by Kristi Hedges on @Forbes……

  • Meet and repeat
  • Spell it out
  • Associate
  • Make connections
  • Choose to care

The full article is here

And for advice with pictures…..

There’s a great article on Wikihow here – simple steps that will help you!

Novel – be novel – you will meet people more than once – what’s new in their world – ask, what’s new in yours.

There will be new people, new successes, new challenges, new opportunities, new events, new meetings, new knowledge, new facts, even something new in their personal life – birthday, holiday, pet, car, phone, film, TV programme, sport, food – you get the picture!

Just because you might know the people you meet already, or only saw them 5 days ago think novel – their life has moved on….as has yours and any one of the new things aforementioned could be an opportunity…..if you ask the right questions…. be interested and listen

Feel free to comment and share using the links below

Coming next some O’s and P’s……

Thank you for reading this far – the next instalment will be available soon and please feel free to comment and share.

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Have a great day and enjoy your networking and make it enjoyable and beneficial for those that you meet!





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