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Family fortunes….possibly….Our Survey Said…..

February 16, 2018

A quick read through the responses and you will see that networking has many benefits and there are also many opportunities for you……


Bristol Business Network 2018 Survey Results

Carried out at the event in January




There is a very good reason why Bristol Business Network is so popular since its 1993 launch in the UK – it works! Attracting senior decision-makers to the monthly, lunchtime events, the unique, professional and business focused format offers an effective environment for building close working links and establishing that invaluable ‘support network’ of business contacts.

And the recent survey concurs….

  1. Why do you attend the events?
  • Business companionship, fun, help and even potential new business
  • Spread the word about what we do
  • Meet people I can help and who can help me
  • To meet other businesses and network
  • Business, great people, friends
  • Sanity check and for contacts
  • To meet likeminded people and expand business opportunities
  • To meet customers and suppliers and build long term relationships
  • Feel very comfortable and close relationships
  • Meet contacts
  • Supportive network with great learning opportunities


  1. What do you like most about the events?
  • The sit-down meal session
  • Meeting others
  • Motivational, entertaining
  • It is more informal than others, more enjoyable
  • Food, wine, sit down, venues
  • Not too serious
  • The general, friendly and positive attitudes
  • The time to talk to people and find out about their personal lives too
  • The seminars
  • Networking – open chats
  • The ambience
  • Approach to networking


  1. What do like least about the events? – Some learning points here for everyone!
  • Nothing x 5
  • Some people go on a bit and talk jargon I don’t understand
  • Nothing really, it is an enjoyable event
  • Parking costs, traffic
  • When not a lot of people turn up for the seminar
  • Lunch is nice but a cheaper buffet that more people attend maybe occasionally better



  1. Do you attend the pre-lunch seminars – the Business Enlightenment and Effectiveness Session?

If yes, why?

  • Sometimes
  • If relevant, usually learn something
  • Sometimes very informative
  • Sometimes
  • Always good to learn something new and a great way to show off your expertise
  • Sometimes if relevant
  • Get information
  • Varied experience shared that is not readily available elsewhere

If not, why?

  • Long journey when needing to arrive early
  • Time work demands
  • Because I don’t have enough time in the day
  • Other networks, not always of interest
  • Time limits
  • If not relevant
  • I am time short


  1. What would make Bristol Business Network better for you?  If you can see the word “MORE” then that means you – a decision maker in business looking to grow!
  • Nothing
  • Unsure
  • Maybe coffee, informally in between the monthly lunch – a successful first one of these held recently…..
  • More delegates, a full room
  • More members
  • More people
  • More people attending
  • It’s all about getting more people. Perhaps external speakers or visits to business or place of interest or a BBQ.  Just something to interest more to come along
  • Good as it is
  • Nothing


Want to know more?



2018 Dates

For invitations for events in Bristol – Click HERE

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with “book my place for Bristol” and I will arrange everything – how to prepare, confirmation, any dietary requirements and your invoice


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