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Events update during Covid19 – July 23rd 2020

April 20, 2020

Bristol Business Network

Over 27 Years Of Making Meaningful Business Connections On Behalf Of Our Members

Up until the arrival of the coronavirus, this has been successfully achieved, in part, through our face-to-face lunchtime event format – but for the time-being all our ‘face-to-face events have been suspended.

The need for the connections we make for our members has not been suspended, however. If anything, the knowledge-sharing, the collaborations and the establishment of the support networks carry even more importance – that is why we have held 6 events on Zoom.

I must say that it has worked really well with up to 20 people all having the chance to meet up virtually, share experiences, ask for help and develop great business relationships. For all those involved they were a great success, plenty of conversation, ideas, support and much laughter!

The July event will be on Zoom – contact me for your invitation!

These events are free and new visitors are welcome

The invitations to these events are emailed and if you would like more details then please get in contact.

If you need to contact me you can still do so via email and telephone (there is even a fact filled daily message!)

I am aware that the current situation is uncertain and we are facing many weeks of disruption both economically and to our daily lives. I have been in contact with the venues to understand how and if my events can run with the social distancing and other risk control measures that need to be in place.

I will provide updates when appropriate and I send best wishes to all members, visitors and my other connections.

Finally I would like to say thank you for all of your support at these challenging times and if there is anything that I, or the great people in Bristol Business Network, can do to help and support you please let me know.

Best regards and keep safe

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