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2021 Update

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What is business networking and is it important?

Networking and membership – your ROI

Networking and meeting the same people – good or not?

What people have said about Bristol Business Network

Inge Dowden – Business Growth Coach.  Coach, Author & Award Winning Keynote Speaker. Helping people break through their barriers and grow their business.
I’ve been a member of Business Network SouthWest for nearly 10 years now, and in my opinion it’s one of the best ones out there. Sean is a true connector and a very genuine person who really helps you connect with the people you need. It has been good for me in terms of finding suppliers, but of course it has also given me business, and I have made my investment back ten times over. You can’t argue with that, and I will remain a member for as long as I’m in business.

*Visitors can attend 2 consecutive events – to attend subsequent events membership is required – full details will be available at the event. Membership is restricted so that only 5% of the total membership is from the same business category. Bristol Business Network operates a waiting list for those over subscribed categories.


If you want to receive invitations for the Bristol events

Call 01981 540708




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